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Watermelon Margaritaville - Season 2 Episode 4

A tasty margarita that will help keep you cool this summer by the pool. (Music by Kevin MacLeod)

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4 March 2007

Upcoming Shows

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We have gotten a few suggestions on some show ideas, one about some Canadian drinks that sounds like fun so if you have any ideas please send em in to bartenderweekly [at] Hopefully our next shows will also be showing off a new bar to replace our old one that did not make it in the great Apt. move of nearly one year ago!

26 February 2007

Gearing Back Up

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Well we have been gone for a while again. This time we were participating in a little College film festival known as Campus Moviefest. We did an entry that turned out pretty well and got into the Top 16 but we were not able to bring home any awards as we did last year. Watch Video in 480P Quicktime

26 January 2007

Show-times Moving

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Moving show times from Friday night-ish to Sunday Night to help curb the over drinking on weekdays... our day bosses don't like it...

16 January 2007

Bartender Weekly Digged

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The show has now been listed on in the pod cast section. Hopefully this will expose the show to a new user base. If you want to see the digg section and what people are saying head over to Digg now!

14 January 2007

3rd Show down

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We have now posted our third show and are starting to get back in the swing of things. If you like how the shows are going or have any ideas or anything drop us a line @ bartenderweekly [at] We love to know what you think of the show!

4 January 2007

New Show Posted in HD

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Well hell that took wayyyy to long... BUT ... it is done and finally online. We also filmed the episode in HD and with good compression it is not much larger in terms of file size. Hopefully we can get back to a weekly show here for a while. In the year 2006 we ended up with over 30,000 downloads and views... not bad.

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